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Wonderwerk Caves

Categories Natural | Cultural
Location Kuruman

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About 43km north of DaniŽlskuil on the road to Kuruman (and about 43 km south of Kuruman), on the farm \"Wonderwerk\" (meaning \"miracle\"), this natural wonder awaits your visit. The cave is 139m deep and archaeologically of considerable importance. The cave is so big, it used to be boasted that a wagon and team of oxen could turn around in the entrance. An information centre with colourful displays introduces the rich history of Wonderwerk Cave. Archaeological research at this massive cave site has revealed an immensely long record of human and environmental history spanning hundreds of thousands of years. The cave, which is a National Heritage Site, and its surrounds, form a conservation area with several features distinctive of the Kuruman Hills. The site is open to the public and includes an interpretive centre adjacent to the cave. The turn-off to Wonderwerk Cave is well sign-posted about 43 km from Kuruman along the Kuruman-DaniŽlskuil road (it is about the same distance from DaniŽlskuil): a tarred road leads up to the entrance to the servitude on which the site is situated. An entrance fee is payable at the gateway to the site: visitors will be accompanied by a guide. Accommodation (there are now three chalets sleeping four people each) and refreshments are available by arrangement



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