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Bezalel Estate

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Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate is an undiscovered gem in the Lower Orange River Valley of the Northern Cape. Our small, if lofty, daily mission is to make South Africans proud of their great culture, specifically its wines and brandies, and secondly, to make those who don’t live here feel welcome… and a tad envious of the great things we have! We do this by always focusing on quality, authenticity of origin, hospitality and family. When we nourish our culture we also act sustainably by invigorating local agriculture. This has the unspoken consequence of preserving our green and historical spaces, all the while adding richness to our Northern Cape story – and our dinner table.

Wine Cellar

Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate’s Dyasonsklip Cellar produces quality boutique wines through dedication and true enthusiasm for our products.

Wine production on Dyasonsklip started as a personal hobby of Inus Bezuidenhout, which grew alongside his own passion, until finally becoming a full blown production wing in 1997.

Dyasonsklip Cellar now produces a varying selection of fine boutique wines from a range of 17 unique grape cultivars grown on the Estate.

Handmade, low-tannin, red wines fermented from grapes grown exclusively on Bezalel Dyasonsklip and matured in imported French Oak is now available from the Estate.


Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate’s Distillery is proud to partake in a process which has been part of the South African society and culture since the arrival of the early European settlers at the Cape in 1652.

Distillation is a remarkable, rewarding journey that begins with a simple, beautiful fruit and ends with a drink of distinctive character and exceptional quality.

Laurens Kitchen

We value a world where the personal touch still exists and where indulgent products are hand crafted with care and perfection. After all, we love spoiling ourselves and those we love every day with something special and out of the ordinary.

We are committed to ensuring that our products meet and exceed your expectations, as we are passionate about and dedicated to the art of premium hand-crafted confectionery making.


Cellar Tours

If you come out to the Estate, look out for Martiens or Inus Bezuidenhout, as they’ll treat you to a free, guided tour of the facilities. Allow them to explain the ancient art of distillation in an easy to understand and informative manner. Learn how boutique wines are made and see firsthand what makes our pure pot-stilled Brandy so special.

Wine & Brandy Tasting

Visit our Tasting Room to experience the full range of Bezalel Estate’s products. Treat your palette to a tasting sensation, including the finest Brandy, vintage Ports, young Reds, (literally) breathtaking Mampoers and simply delicious Liqueurs.

Tastings are charged at R15 per person for the entire range and booking is essential for groups larger than 10 people.

Seasonal Tours

Pop in during Harvesting Season (Dec – March) for a seasonal tour, which includes a tour of the Wine Cellar and Distillery in full operation, as well as a walk around the grounds, highlighting some of the Estate’s other production wings, such as Raisin production and Date harvesting.

Picnics and Group Lunches

Call ahead to book a custom picnic basket or group lunch for you and your companions. Allow the Estate’s chef to treat you with delicious foods to accompany our wines or enjoy a full blown 3 course meal. Just keep in mind that Booking is essential.



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